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M Ml hen you've gotten your files into Album and orga-▼ ▼ nized them to your liking, you can find, sort, and view images without much strain. Those days of rummaging through shoeboxes and scrolling through folders on your hard drive are over! You also find information on the different ways you can view your images. Choose from thumbnails, Single Photo view or take a gander at images using instant slideshows.

The very first step in fixing digital images is to set up the best editing environment possible. After you optimize your editing environment, Chapter 11 shows you how to use Album's Fix Photo dialog box to eliminate red eye, flatten contrast, and eliminate color casts, all with a click or two of the mouse. You'll be amazed at the large amount of improvement that can be gained from such little effort. If you need heavier-duty capabilities, I cover using Album with an external image editor, such as Photoshop Elements.

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