Introducing editing tools

After you're in the Fix Photo dialog box and have chosen your viewing option, you're ready to start editing. Here are a couple of options you'll find in the dialog box to help you along the way:

i Zoom controls: By default, your image displays in a Fit On Screen view, which fills the preview area with the entire image. Click the Zoom In button to magnify your image. Click the Zoom Out button to reduce the view of the image. You also can choose a preset magnification level from the pop-up menu just to the right of the Zoom buttons.

You can use the handy keyboard shortcuts. Press Ctrl+Plus sign to zoom in. To zoom out press (surprise) Ctrl+Minus sign. To view your image at 100 percent, press Ctrl+Alt+0. To see your image in a Fit On Screen view, press Ctrl+0.

i Scroll bars: To view portions of the image that aren't visible within the preview window, drag the scroll bars on the right and bottom of the window. You only see the scroll bars if the entire image doesn't fit within the preview window.

i Undo: If you make a mistake, you can easily undo it by clicking the Undo button in the bottom right of the dialog box. And if you really didn't mean to undo, you can click the Redo button to bring your action back.

Feel free to use the standard keyboard shortcuts of Ctrl+X and Ctrl+Y, too.

i Cancel: Click Cancel (or press the Esc button) to leave the Fix Photo dialog box without accepting any adjustments.

i Revert to Original: Click the curved blue arrow at the bottom of the dialog box to revert to the original image as it looked when you first imported it into Album.

This option wipes out all previously edited versions of the file, and reverts only to the original.

i Help: If you're lost and need assistance, click the Help button in the bottom-right corner of the dialog box. The online Help file launches in your browser. For more on using Help, see Chapter 2.

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