Keeping Your Catalog Safe and Sound

After you've painstakingly imported, identified, and organized your files, you definitely want to protect them. Fortunately, you don't need to hire a body guard to watch over your catalog; you can ensure its safety by using the tools in Album along with a blank CD or DVD or additional hard drive.

Using Album's Backup command and burning your catalog and all associated files (both original and edited versions) onto a CD or DVD keeps them safely stored in a location other than your hard drive. You also can back up your catalog and files to another drive, for example, a drive that you have dedicated for data storage. Although you may never need to use a backup, you'll be so very thankful if the unimaginable does occur. Recovering or restoring a catalog is a piece of cake if you have a backup handy.

Make a habit of burning a backup once a month or so, or after you have imported a significant number of files or have performed a major tagging reorganization. The hard-core computer troubleshooting experts say that you should store those backup CDs and DVDs offsite, in another location other than where your computer resides. That way if a fire, earthquake, or other act of Mother Nature destroys your possessions, you'll be covered.

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