Keeping Your Lighting Consistent

It is important to try and keep your lighting as consistent as possible:

i Try not to radically vary the level and intensity of the light while you are editing your images. For example, try to avoid working on an image in the bright afternoon sun and then again under the harsh light of a fluorescent bulb late at night.

i Try to view all of your images under the same intensity of light.

Looking at your source material, your on-screen images, and your prints under the same lighting can provide a consistent benchmark to use in your viewing and editing sessions. Variations in lighting can cause you to perceive color differently and result in color shifts in your output (both on-screen and in print).

If you happen to be stuck next to a window or skylight, you may want to purchase a monitor hood or visor. These tools help to shield your screen against glare and reflection and run in the neighborhood of $15 to $100.

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