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Shooting in high midday sun isn't the greatest. It causes nasty, harsh shadows on people's faces, enhances flaws, and makes people squint. Here are a few accessories that combat these problems:

i Reflector: If you find that you do a lot of photographing in high, midday sun, you can purchase a reflector to block some of the sunlight or fill in the shadow areas. Here's how to use it:

• To block the sun, hold the reflector between the subject and the sun.

• To fill in shadows, hold the reflector next to the subject and bounce light onto the side opposite the sun.

i Scrim: Diffuses the harsh light. A scrim is white translucent fabric stretched across a frame. For smaller subjects or close-up shots, you can buy smaller diffuser panels. Position the scrim between the sun and your subject to soften the light.

You can purchase all these goodies at a photo supply store for a nominal cost.

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