Making a 3D Gallery

Follow these steps to create your Adobe Atmosphere 3D Gallery:

1. From the Photo Well, select the photos you want to include in your 3D Gallery.

2. Choose CreationsOAdobe Atmosphere 3D Gallery.

3. Choose a style from the Gallery Style pop-up menu, shown in Figure 18-6.

A preview of the style you chose appears in the top right of the dialog box.

A music track will accompany the gallery. The type of music depends on the style of gallery chosen. Refer to the left of the preview window for details on the type of music for each gallery style.

4. Choose the Enable Chat option if you want to let multiple visitors view your gallery at the same time.

Here's more information on this option:

• Each visitor will be displayed in the gallery by a human figure called an avatar. The avatars walk around, representing the visitors' navigation through the gallery.

• If you select this option, when viewing your completed gallery, a check box appears, enabling users to show or hide the chat area. If the chat area is showing, a field is available for visitors to type their comments. In turn, visitors can see the comments of all of the other visitors.

• The chat/multiple visitors option only works if you upload your 3D Gallery to a Web server. Contact your Internet service provider to find out how and where to upload your files.

Web pages are available to anyone who has an Internet connection. If you choose the Enable Chat option, your gallery may be visited by people you don't know. If you want to keep the gallery private, do not select the Enable Chat option. Or consider password-protecting the gallery Web page when you upload it to the Web server. Your Internet service provider can show you how to password-protect the Web page containing your gallery.

5. Enter a name in the Site Folder text box for the folder that will contain your gallery files. Use the path listed to save the folder or click Browse to select the folder location on your hard drive.

When you've completed the 3D Gallery, you can copy this folder of gallery files to a Web server.

Figure 18-6:

Choose the style of 3D Gallery you want from the menu.

Figure 18-6:

Choose the style of 3D Gallery you want from the menu.

6. Click the Banner tab and set the following options:

• Title: Type a title for your gallery that will display on your Web page and in the browser's title bar.

• Subtitle: Type an optional subtitle for your gallery.

• E-mail Address: Leave this field blank if you don't want your e-mail address to appear in your gallery.

• Font and Size: Choose a font style and size.

7. Click the Large Photos tab and set the following options:

• Resize Photos: Choose this option if you want the photos to resize and then choose a size from the pop-up menu. For more on this option, see Step 6 in the preceding section.

• Photo Quality: Drag the slider bar to specify the quality of your photos. Remember that better quality means a larger file size.

• Font and Size: Choose a font style and size for the labels of your photos.

• Use Filename, Caption, or Date: You can choose to have the filename, caption, and date appear next to each full-size gallery image. For more on adding captions, see Chapter 6.

8. Click the Custom Colors tab to specify the colors of all the gallery components. To change the color of a particular component, click its color swatch, and then select a new color from the Color Picker.

9. Click OK to create the Adobe Atmosphere 3D Gallery.

Album launches the 3D Photo Gallery Browser, shown in Figure 18-7, so that you can preview your gallery and creates and saves the following HTML and JPEG files in your destination folder:

• A splash, or home, page for your gallery named index.html. You can open this file in any Web browser to preview your Adobe Atmosphere 3D Gallery.

• JPEG images inside the Images subfolder.

• HTML pages inside the Pages subfolder.

• Additional resource files inside the Gallery subfolder.

• A Thumbnails subfolder and a ThumbnailFrame HTML file. 10. Click the Close button to leave the Gallery Browser.

Figure 18-7:

Your completed 3D Gallery appears in a browser window for you to preview.

Figure 18-7:

Your completed 3D Gallery appears in a browser window for you to preview.

11. All that's left is to upload the files in the destination folder to a Web server.

Contact your ISP for the directions on how to do this.

Read the next section to find out all you need to know to navigate around the 3D Gallery.

You can replace any gallery style, or what Adobe calls worlds, that shipped with Album with your own designed world by placing the new gallery AER file into one of the template folders in Program Files/Adobe/Photoshop Album/Shared Assets/AtmosphereWebGallery. And, if you have Atmosphere Builder software program, you can open up any of the template gallery AER world files and edit them as you see fit.

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