Managing Your Photos

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Organizing files into catalogs Protecting and preserving your catalogs ^ Archiving your photos

Working with different versions of photos Reconnecting missing files rhe more you use Album, the more you'll discover its exceptional ability to gather data about your files, store that information, and update it when directed to. Album is also excellent in its ability to track the uses, or what is referred to as the history, of the file (see Chapter 8). For example, with Album's tracking system, you can see just what you've done with an image and when you did it. And last, but not least, Album provides a great way to allow you to identify your files by using tags (Chapter 5), captions, and notes (Chapter 6). All of this file data, along with the history, tags, captions, and notes, gives Album a wealth of information to help identify, organize, and modify your files.

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