Modifying and deleting tags

After you create a tag or two, you may decide that what you came up with wasn't that descriptive after all and needs a little refining. Or maybe you want to add a note to an existing tag or change the photo that is being used for the tag icon. You may just want to delete the darn tag altogether. No problem. Just remember you can't touch the four main tag categories; nor can you modify or delete the Favorites or Hidden tag.

Here's how to modify your tags:

1. Select the tag in the Tags pane and choose TagOEdited Selected Tag.

You also can click the Edit button at the top of the Tags pane. Or you can right-click your chosen tag and choose Edit Tag from the context-sensitive menu that appears. The name of your tag appears in the Edit command.

The Tag Icon Editor dialog box appears.

2. Edit the tag information to your heart's desire.

• To modify the category: Choose a category or subcategory from the Category pop-up menu. If you choose New Sub-Category, you will get the Create New Sub-Category dialog box where you can enter your information.

• To modify the tag's name: Type the new name in the Tag Name text box.

• To add or change the note: Type in the Notes text box.

• To change the photo being used for the tag icon: Click the Edit Icon button, shown in Figure 5-12. Click the Find button to open the Select Icon dialog box. Scroll through all of the images that use that tag, select the image you want, and click OK.

You also can click the arrows to the left and right of the Find button to browse through the tagged images and select the one you want. Adjust the cropping marquee (the moving dashed line) by dragging the corner handles (your mouse icon changes to a double-headed arrow) to frame the photo to your liking. To move the entire marquee, place your cursor inside the marquee and drag. Click OK. For more on cropping, see Chapter 11.

3. When you're done modifying the tag, click OK in the Tag Icon Editor dialog box.

If you would just rather delete a tag and start fresh, you can do so. Select the tag in the Tags pane and click the Deleted Selected Tag button. Or you can choose TagODelete Selected Tag.

You can't delete more than one tag at a time.



Figure 5-12:

You can change the photo used for the icon of your tag.

Figure 5-12:

You can change the photo used for the icon of your tag.

Silacttcen lot E mop* Tag fi h

Silacttcen lot E mop* Tag fi h

j^NG/ When deleting tags, don't press the Delete key on your keyboard. Album will try and delete actual photos. A warning will appear on-screen telling you that you need to select the photos first, however, so you have a chance to cancel the command.

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