Paper and media

If you plan on printing your photos at home, invest in good quality paper. I recommend running tests with various brands of paper to see which works best with your printer. I have found that often the manufacturer's brand of paper just works the best with the manufacturer's printer. I have owned four Epson printers and have run tests with lots of brands of paper. I always come back to Epson paper because it gives me the best results. If you're a Costco member, you're in luck. You can get 100 sheets of photo quality paper for $20. If you find that a cheapie store brand is just as good, more power to you.

fiEfl Digital prints tend to fade over time, especially if exposed to sunlight.

Invest in archival paper if it is essential that your prints stay fresh and bright. Likewise, if you want to store your images on CD for eternity (or close to it), make sure and use an archival CD-ROM such as Verbatim DataLife. Archival CDs should last for up to a hundred years. Don't forget to stick a copy in your safety deposit box as a backup.

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