Photo Potpourri

Before I leave you to take your photos to the next dimension, here a few extra ideas:

i Use photos to show off your work. That's right. Photographers and artists aren't the only people who benefit from portfolios. Think of caterers, florists, carpenters, landscape architects, interior designers, tailors and seamstresses, jewelry designers — the list is endless.

i Use pictures if you're selling something. Pictures speak louder than words. Whether its real estate or puppies, attaching a photo to an ad adds some sales punch. Post those photos for online auction sites like eBay.

i Have your kids incorporate photos into their school reports and projects. In fact, buying your children their own inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras may give them a little more enthusiasm for school work.

i If you're having a dinner party, make fun placecards for your guests.

Then when they leave, give your guests recipe cards with a photo of the wonderful meal on the front of the card.

i Make CD labels and jewel case covers with your photos. If you are burning a CD of images or of a creation, why not also create a custom label and cover that features a photo or two? It gives the CD a more polished appearance and looks much better than writing the title with a magic marker. There are many inexpensive CD labeling packages that come equipped with templates to use with a variety of programs.

i If you have storage boxes or drawers that are hard to reach or access, take photos of the contents, print them out, and attach them to the outsides of boxes or drawers to show what is inside. I recently saw a TV show on homes of the stars, where an actress took Polaroids of her shoes and pasted them to the outside of the boxes so she could see at a glance what shoes were inside what box. At first, I thought this was frivolous and only for the rich and famous, but in retrospect I think it can come in handy. You can even laminate the cards at home or at a copy shop. It will make searching through storage containers a lot less aggravating.

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