Removing Distractions

No, I don't mean eliminating rambunctious kids, barking dogs, and cats hopping onto your warm monitor. (Of course, removal of the above could very well make you more productive.) The kind of distractions I am talking about are the ones on and around your monitor.

Stepping up to professional lighting devices

If you find yourself really getting into this digital imaging stuff, there are a couple of devices that the professionals use which may interest you:

i Task lamp: This is a lamp that provides consistent full-spectrum light that mimics sunlight. Task lamps allow you to see colors more accurately and with more clarity. They also offer low-glare lighting, run on less energy, and cut down on eye strain. Task lamps run from $50 to $200 or so.

i Light box: This is also called a light booth or color viewing booth. Professional-grade light boxes adhere to lighting standards developed by the ISO (International Standards Organization). Light boxes offer various lighting environments (depending on the make and model), such as fluorescent, incandescent, UV, daylight, and so on. Light boxes enable you to view images in a controlled, consistent environment so that you can see the images the way that your intended audience will. For example, if people will be viewing one of your pictures in an office setting (under fluorescent lights), you can adjust the settings accordingly — and adjust your output. Likewise, if people will be viewing the poster outside (in daylight), you just adjust the setting. Cost ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousands, depending on the model.

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