Removing tags

The process of removing tags is easy and pain-free. Removing a tag from a file is not the same thing as deleting the tag category altogether. When you remove a tag, you merely detach the categorization from that particular file or files. When you delete a tag, you remove the tag entirely from your catalog.

To remove a tag, you can be in any of the views — the Single Photo, Small, Medium, or Large Thumbnail view. Right-click a tag and choose Remove Tag from the context-sensitive menu. For more on viewing your files, see Chapter 9.

If you want to remove tags from multiple photos, select your desired photos in the Photo Well. Then right-click any of the selected photo thumbnails and choose Remove Tag from Selected Items from the context-sensitive menu that appears. Choose the tags you wish to remove from the sub-menus. You also can choose TagORemove Tag from Selected Items and choose the tags from the sub-menu.

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