Replacing an original photo with an edited Version

Say you performed digital magic on your original image and want the edited version to forever replace the mediocre original. Album allows you to make this switch, but make sure you're positive that you want to make the switch

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yourself, because after the original is replaced with the edited file, the original is gone forever. And, with the exception of rotating, you can't undo any changes made in the editing process.

If disk space, not image quality, is the issue and you want to delete the original to save room, archive your files first so that you have a copy if you should ever need it (see the section on archiving in this chapter).

Follow these steps to replace your original photo with the edited version:

1. Select one or more photos in the Photo Well.

2. If you selected a single image, choose EditOReplace Original with Edited. If you selected multiple images, choose EditOReplace Selected Originals with Edited.

You also can right-click and choose the commands from the context-sensitive menu.

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