Searching with the Find bar and tags

The fabulous Find bar, the thin blue bar directly above the Photo Well, allows you to quickly find files. When you drag a tag from the Tags pane onto the Find bar, the bar expands and displays a Search Criteria window that shows the tag you have used to search with. All tagged images then appear in the Photo Well. The Find bar also shows you how many items in your catalog exactly match the Search Criteria, how many closely match, and how many don't match at all. To display the items in any of these three categories, simply click in the check box. The default display are those items that match exactly. To cancel the search and display your entire catalog, click the Clear button.

Besides tags, you also can drag photos and creations onto the Find bar. You can find similarly colored images by dragging a photo onto the Find bar. And when you drag a creation onto the Find bar, all files used in the creation are displayed in the Photo Well.

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