Setting general preferences

These preferences, shown in Figure 2-12, allow you customize Album to suit your needs. Here are the specifics on each:

Figure 2-12:

Customize Album by setting your preferences.

Figure 2-12:

Customize Album by setting your preferences.

l Display Options: Here are your options:

• Show Closely Matching Sets for Searches: Select this option to have Album find not only exact matches, but any photos that are close matches. Photos that are tagged with one or more, but not all, of the search criteria tags are considered close matches.

• Show Quick Guide at Startup: Select this option to have Album show or hide the Quick Guide when you launch Album.

• Scale Up Single Photo to Fit Window: Select this option to maximize the size of the photos that appear in the Photo Well.

l File Options: You can choose locations on your hard drive for saving your catalogs and saved files. If you don't want to use the default paths, click the Browse button to choose a new file location.

EXIF (Exchangeable, Image File) data is extra information that is saved with digital photos. Info such as shutter speed, exposure, flash settings, ISO number and the date and time the image was taken are included in the EXIF data. You can choose to import EXIF captions or use the modification date of a file if lacks EXIF data.

l Offline Media: You can choose a proxy file size for files that will be stored on offline media, such as CDs and DVDs. For more on storing images offline, see Chapter 7.

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