Setting Print Options

Before you run off on a printing frenzy, you need to give Album some basic info about your print job — little details like the size and orientation of your paper, the width of the margins, and so on. These options are found in the Page Setup dialog box. Keep in mind that if your computer is connected to multiple printers, you need to set your print options each time you change printers.

Here's how to set your print options:

1. Choose FileOPage Setup.

The Page Setup dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 14-1.

2. Set the following options:

• Size: Choose the size of your paper from the pop-up menu.

• Source: Specify the tray or feeder that provides the paper to your printer. Also be sure to select the appropriate paper in your printer settings if you're using a photo-quality or specialty paper.

• Orientation: Choose your desired page orientation, either Portrait or Landscape.

• Margins: If available, set your margins on all sides.

The preview at the top of the dialog box changes according to your settings.

3. If you have multiple printers and want to change the printer, click the Printer button. Choose a printer from the Name pop-up menu, or click the Network button to choose a printer from your network.

4. Click the Properties button to specify additional options. When you're done setting options, click OK.

Figure 14-1:

Set your print options in the Page Setup dialog box.

Figure 14-1:

Set your print options in the Page Setup dialog box.

The options in this dialog box are determined by your printer, not Album, so be sure and check your printer manual for more information if you're unfamiliar with the settings. You'll find options such as printer resolution, color adjustments, and so on.

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