Sitting Pretty

If, by the end of a day of playing with your digital images, your arms are numb, your legs are cramped, and your back is screaming for a massage, it may be time to look at your desk and chair. Face it. If you aren't comfortable when you're parked in front of your computer immersed in imaging heaven, you're not going to be as productive.

At the very least, messing with your images isn't going to be as enjoyable. Invest in an ample desk and a chair with good support.

I find that propping my feet on a short wooden block under my desk helps my back tremendously. If you feel like you have carpal tunnel syndrome after a few hours at the keyboard, try using those cushy gel wrist rests for both your keyboard and mouse. Give yourself a little time to get used to them; you'll be surprised how much strain they absorb.

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