Ten Cures for Ten Problems

In This Chapter

^ You can't import the files or files are missing ^ You can't print from Album ^ Your catalog is corrupted ^ Your images are below the optimum resolution ^ You can't read your PDF creation ^ You can't burn files on your CD or DVD

few events are more frustrating than when your computer or software applications don't do what they're supposed to. You're not asking the system to read your mind — just to perform the command that you ask it to perform. Right?

Unfortunately, I came to the realization long ago (and maybe you did too) that the computer and its buddies (the software applications) are just as human as the rest of us and have those moments where they just don't work at peak efficiency. Maybe they're a little overworked (need more RAM), or maybe they need a makeover (updated drivers), or maybe it's just — gasp — the infamous operator error. Whatever the problem, maybe you can find the cure here.

Another good resource is Adobe's Web site. Look at the Customer Support link where you can find a great user-to-user forum, knowledge base, and list of top support issues. Or you can always call your friendly tech support guy at Adobe. Don't be shy. I am sure he has heard it all and can lend you a hand. But be warned that this "live" advice may cost you some cash.

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