Tracking Down Files by Media Type

If you have any extensive catalog with various types of files — still images, video clips, audio files, and creations — you can have Album wrangle them into the Photo Well by media type. Unfortunately, you can choose only one type of media at a time. Choose FindOBy Media Type and select an option from the sub-menu. You have a choice of the following options:

l Photos: Displays photographs only.

l Video: Shows thumbnails of your video clips. Only the first frame of the clip is displayed. A small filmstrip icon appears in the top-right corner of the thumbnail, as shown in Figure 8-14.

I Audio: Displays your audio clips. An icon of a little speaker with the filename is shown.

l Creations: Displays in the Photo Well all creations you have produced. The first page or screen of any multi-page or multi-screen creation appears as the thumbnail with a small creation icon in the top right corner.

l Items with Audio Captions: Shows any photos and creations that you have attached audio captions to. A small speaker icon annotating an audio caption also appears in the top-right corner of the thumbnail.

Figure 8-14:

Album enables you to find your files by media type, such as video clips.

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fltnHwhh Audio C*f4am

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Even if you don't pay attention to the descriptive icons on your thumbnails, Album generously displays your chosen Search criteria in the Find bar above the Photo Well. And once you have narrowed down your search by media type, you can then apply other search criteria to further refine the search for your desired files.

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