Using Online Services to Share and Print Photos

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^ Adding online services ^ Checking for new online services ^ Sharing photos online ^ Ordering prints online ^ Ordering creations online ^ Downloading templates ave you ever put a small plant in a really big pot, knowing full well that in time, that puny plant would flourish and grow to accommodate the currently oversized container? That's the feeling I got when I started poking around Album's Online Services feature. At press time, there are only a few services to take advantage of. But Album has set itself up nicely to accommodate more in the future.

The Online Services feature allows you to send images directly from Album to service providers online. You can share images online with family and friends. You can order prints of all sizes. And you can even order a professionally printed and bound book of your images. The procedure is pretty seamless, easy to use, and so far, reasonably priced. Because the Online Services feature is in its infancy, be sure and update the list periodically to see whether there are any new services or providers. Read on to find out how.

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