Using the Favorites and Hidden tags

In addition to the four default categories, Album provides you with two special tags — the Favorites and Hidden tags (refer to Figure 5-7). Here's the scoop on these tags:

i Favorites: The name of this tag pretty much says it all. Attach this tag to your most beloved files. The unique thing about the Favorites tag is that it instantly whittles down your search results with a single click of the mouse. For example, say you created a tag with your child's name, as described earlier in this chapter, in "Working with tag categories." You can then tag your favorite pictures of your child with a Favorites tag. When you want to gather images of your child to create an Album to send to the grandparents at the holidays, simply select the child's tag and the Favorites tag as your search criteria. In an instant, your favorite images of your child appear in the Photo Well for you to use in your creation, as shown in Figure 5-8. No more scrolling through screens of photos. For more on finding images, check out Chapter 8.

Organizing family photos

You may want to create custom tags under the Family or Friends category with the specific names of family members or friends. Here's an example scenario to get your organizational juices flowing.

Say you attach the Family tag to all family members. Makes sense, right? Well, why not have custom tags called "Dad" and "Mom" that you attach to all photos with either Dad or Mom in them? If you have photos of dad and mom together, you can attach both the "Mom" and "Dad" tags to those photos.

Here's how this organization can really help you down the line. When you're planning mom and dad's golden wedding anniversary party, you will be able to locate any photos of them both within micro seconds. A few more micro seconds and you could create an eCard invitation to the anniversary party and e-mail it to all of the guests. No doubt, you will earn family hero status for that.

Favorites tag

Figure 5-8:

Attaching a Favorites tag enables you to find your favorite tagged photos.

Favorites tag

Figure 5-8:

Attaching a Favorites tag enables you to find your favorite tagged photos.

i Hidden: If you have files you don't want to see or sort through, but that you still want to keep, attach the Hidden tag to them. Files that you attach Hidden tags to only appear in the Photo Well when you perform a search with the Hidden tag as a search criteria.

Examples of candidates for the Hidden tag may be those mediocre shots that you want to keep as backups, or photos that are similar but not exact (different poses of a person). Or maybe you have some files that are embarrassing, like those video clips you've considered sending to "America's Funniest Videos."

The Hidden tag can be attached in addition to other tags. But unlike the Favorites tag, it does not carry a preference in searches. For example, if you use Family and Hidden as your two search criteria, your results will show all photos with the Family tag, including images that have been tagged as Hidden. Your search results will not show just those Family tagged images that are also tagged with Hidden.

^jjjMfC^ After attaching a Hidden tag to a photo, you still see the photo in the Photo Well until you refresh the Photo Well. You refresh the Photo Well by choosing ViewORefresh or by pressing F5. Or you can select a different view of the Photo Well by using the View buttons in the Options bar.

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