Using the timeline

You also can organize your photos by using the timeline. The timeline, which appears above the Photo Well, displays bars that represent the number of photos you have in a given month, folder, or batch, depending on how your photos are organized in the Photo Well. Using the timeline, you can find and organize photos based on a range you establish by dragging the endpoint markers at either end. For example, if your images are organized by date, you can drag the endpoint markers to set a range of time in the timeline. Album then displays photos with dates that are within that timeframe. For more on the timeline, see Chapter 8.

I use the word "photos" loosely in the preceding paragraph. Depending on what media types you have selected (ViewOMedia Types), you may see creations, video clips, and audio clips, in addition to photos (refer to Figure 5-1). Of course, if you want to narrow down the media types that are displayed in the timeline, just choose the file type you're interested in from the ViewOMedia Types menu.

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