Using the timeline

To view images using the timeline, it isn't necessary to attach tags to them (although you can). Album automatically arranges your photos in the timeline. The timeline is divided into years and months, as shown in Figure 8-1. You can click the month you desire, or you can drag the slider. Hold your mouse over a bar in the timeline, and the name of the month appears. To find and view photos within a select range of time, move the end points of the timeline.

Figure 8-1:

Use the timeline to find your images by month and year.

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Drag endpoint markers to select range of time

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Scroll range of timeline

Photos out of range

Hidden photos (purple bar)

Find photos in that month

Here are the specific steps to find and view photos using the timeline:

1. Choose ViewOTimeline to bring the timeline into view.

2. Choose ViewO Arrangement and then choose a sorting criteria.

You can sort by criteria such as newest date first, oldest date first, import date, folders, or color. Album's default sorting option is newest date first. For full details on sorting, see Chapter 9.

After you choose a sorting option, Album displays blue bars in the timeline. The height of each bar corresponds to the number of images per your sorting criteria. For example, if you've sorted by newest date first, the height of the bars corresponds to the number of photos in each month (refer to Figure 8-1). If you sort by folder location, the height corresponds to the number of images in each folder (as shown in Figure 8-2), and so on. Hover your mouse over a bar in the timeline to display the name of the respective folder containing the images.

3. Choose FindOSet Date Range.

The Set Date Range dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 8-3.

corresponds to the number of images in each folder.

4. Enter start and end dates to further refine your search. Click OK.

You also can drag the endpoint markers to set the date range. Only those photos with dates within the range specified appear in the Photo Well. If a photo doesn't have a date, it appears with a question mark in both the Photo Well and the timeline. You can assign a date to a photo by choosing EditOAdjust Date and Time. For details on changing the date or time, see Chapter 9.

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