Using the Workspace

In This Chapter

^ Adding, deleting, and arranging files in the Workspace ^ Attaching tags to Workspace items

Creating slide shows, e-mailing, printing, and more ^ Finding Workspace photos m iff Whether you've thumbed right to this chapter after cracking the seal on ▼ ▼ the book or you've dutifully perused the preceding 15 chapters first, you have imported all of your photos and video clips into your catalog. I say this because getting familiar with the Workspace is a kind of warm up for the making of creations. And to make a creation, you have to have some source material to use.

In addition to making creations, you can execute other operations from the Workspace, such as e-mailing, printing, viewing a slide show, and so on. These operations also require files to use. So if you're staring at an empty Photo Well, you may want to go back and revisit Chapter 4, which describes what you need to know about importing files. If, on the other hand, you have a bustling, robust Photo Well full of files, you're in the right place.

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