Viewing photos

All of your files — photos, video clips, audio clips, and creations — appear in the Photo Well arranged in a grid of thumbnails, small display versions of your images. You can select from various size thumbnails, or you can choose to see your selected file in a single photo view.

Figure 2-3:

Attaching tags to your images is a great way to organize and locate them.

Q Edit Attach £=]




v People

|> Family



v Places


> Q Washington D.C,

v Hvents

NYC Vacation

Q Christmas 2002

Q Halloween 2002

Winter Vacation 2...

0 Tag; Selected

The buttons in the Options bar help you organize and sort your files in the Photo Well. And you're not restricted to viewing your images as static photos in the Photo Well. You also can select images and view them in an instant slide show, which provides a more enriching viewing experience. For details on viewing photos, see Chapter 9.

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