Working with the Tags pane

Tags offer you an excellent way to identify, organize, and quickly find your photos. You can create, edit, attach, and remove tags by using the Tags pane. To display the Tags pane (see Figure 2-11), choose ViewOTags or click the Organize button in the Shortcuts bar. For everything you need to know about tags, see Chapter 5.

Figure 2-10:

The Properties pane is information central for all of your photos.



Kylie riding a sea turtle

Fife Name; D5CN1237.JPG

CilDatai.Pics-Movies^anta Barbara Zoo f Size: 1018,4KB Photo: 1920x2560 gj 4/4/03 2:48 PM Audio Caption: Complete Metadata


I Visit to the 5anta Barbara Zoo h April,I


Modified Elate 5/lJtlj 12:18 PM

Imported On 4!22X3

Imported From harij diik

In Creation Sdnt.j Barbara Zoo

Figure 2-11:

Create, attach, and remove tags using the Tags pane.

Figure 2-11:

Create, attach, and remove tags using the Tags pane.

Because your list of tags can get extensive, you can expand or collapse the list of tags by clicking the gray triangles in the pane. To quickly find and view specifically tagged images, simply click in the square in the first column. The Find icon (which looks like a pair of binoculars) appears in the square, and your tagged images appear in the Photo Well. You can't get any more efficient than that.

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