You Can't Burn Files onto Your CD or DVD Disc

Problem: You cannot burn creations, a backup catalog, or an image archive to your CD or DVD disc.

Possible cure: Here are a few troubleshooting tips:

i Be sure that you have the latest drivers available for your CD or DVD drive. And make sure the driver is compatible with your flavor of operating system. Although Album has been engineered to work with most CD and DVD drives, there may be some drives that it flat cannot work with.

i If you experience repeated problems burning your catalog or files to CDs or DVDs using Album's backup and archive commands, you may have to use a more manual method. If you have enough space, try backing up or archiving your catalog or files to your hard drive. Then use the software bundled with your drive, or an external burning program, to burn the files to the CD or DVD.

354 Part vl:The Part of Tens l With some CD-RW drives and CD-RW discs, Album may be unable to overwrite a disc that has information already on it. If it can't overwrite the disc, try using a blank CD-RW or CD-R disc.

For details on using Album's backup and archiving features, see Chapter 7.

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