You Can't Print from Album

Problem: No matter how much you curse, perform voodoo, or kick the printer, no printed matter is coming out.

Possible cure: Because there are more reasons why you can't print than probably any other type of computer glitch, you may not find the cure here. The problem may require some serious troubleshooting and possibly the help of your local computer guru. But before you have to fork out some hefty per-hour consulting fee, try a few of these suggestions:

i Try printing a small file, such as a one-word text file, to determine whether you can print at all. Maybe the problem isn't isolated to Album. It could be the fact that you are short on RAM or hard drive space, and your file is too large to spool.

i Make sure your cable connections are well seated.

i Make sure your printer is turned on and that the status says "Ready" or "Online." Look for a nice, bright green light that says it's rarin' to print.

i Make sure that there isn't a previous print job that is hung up or paused in the print queue.

i Make sure that the printer driver hasn't been corrupted. (See "Your Devices Aren't Talking to Each Other" earlier in this chapter.)

i If you're connected to multiple printers, either via a network or by cable, make sure that you have selected the correct printer in your print dialog box in Album.

i Reboot your system. If you change the default printer in your Windows operating system while Album is running, Album may not detect the change until you close and restart the application.

i Try disconnecting any peripherals you have attached to your computer that you are using. Occasionally, conflicts can occur between peripheral devices and your computer.

i If you are printing to a shared printer (one that isn't networkable), make sure that the computer that is physically connected, via cable, to the shared printer is turned on. Otherwise you won't be able to access that shared printer.

i Trash the Windows temp files that may be clogging your system.

If you're unsure how to do this, check your operating system documentation.

i Check Adobe's online technical support documents. They have some good, detailed troubleshooting guides.

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