Your Devices Aren't Talking to Each Other

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Problem: Your peripherals, such as your scanner, camera, printer, Zip drive, or even your mouse, aren't talking to your computer.

Possible cure: There could be many reasons why this scenario is taking place. Here are a few troubleshooting suggestions:

346 part v|:The part of Tens l Check that everything is well connected and powered up. Hey, I see you rolling your eyes! Don't be so sure your problem is a huge one until you rule out the possibility that the issue is a simple power supply problem. I have had a couple of instances where my printer and scanner cable connections weren't well seated, and my computer wasn't seeing the scanner or printer.

l Make sure that you have the latest drivers for all your peripheral devices. You also want to make sure that your drivers are compatible with your flavor and version of your operating system. This is an especially critical step whenever you upgrade your operating system. Just keep in mind that sometimes manufacturers are slow to provide updated drivers when OS upgrades are released, so you may experience a time lag. Make sure and check the manufacturer's Web site frequently for updates.

Occasionally, drivers get corrupted and need to be reinstalled. Just recently, a family member of mine had a dead mouse (luckily it didn't smell). After a little troubleshooting (like making sure the mouse was well connected), the culprit turned out to be a corrupted mouse driver. Reinstalling the driver brought it back to the land of the living.

l If you purchased a new piece of hardware, and your operating system is on the outdated side, you may need to upgrade the OS before your new device can communicate with your computer. Check the manufacturer's Web site for details.

l Make sure your application software is up to date. Check every now and then for patches and updates to Album. Do the same for your external image-editing program and your digital camera software.

If you've tried all the suggestions in the preceding list and still had no luck, here are a few possible workarounds:

l If your computer is communicating with your scanner, but Album itself just can't recognize the scanner, you can always scan your images using the software that came bundled with your scanner. Then, import your scanned images using the method of getting files from your hard drive, as described in Chapter 4.

l If your computer can see your camera, but Album doesn't recognize it, remove the memory card from the camera and insert it into your card reader. Then try and import the files from the card reader. If that doesn't work, get the images from your camera using the software bundled with the camera and copy them to your hard drive. Then import the files into Album from your hard drive, again as described in Chapter 4.

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