After correcting the tonal range, you can adjust the image's color balance to remove unwanted color casts or to correct oversaturated or undersaturated colors. Examine your image with reference to the color wheel to determine which color adjustments you need to make. (See "About the color wheel" on page 146.) You can choose from the following color adjustment methods:

• (Photoshop) The Auto Color command automatically corrects the color balance in an image. For more information, see "Using the Auto Color command (Photoshop)" on page 151.

• (Photoshop) The Color Balance command changes the overall mixture of colors in an image. For more information, see "Using the Color Balance command (Photoshop)" on page 146.

• The Hue/Saturation command adjusts the hue, saturation, and lightness values of the entire image or of individual color components. (See "Using the Hue/Saturation command" on page 147.)

• (Photoshop) The Replace Color command replaces specified colors in an image with new color values. See "Using the Replace Color command (Photoshop)" on page 149.

• (Photoshop) The Selective Color command is a high-end color-correction method that adjusts the amount of process colors in individual color components. For more information, see "Using the Selective Color command (Photoshop)" on page 149.

• The Levels dialog box lets you adjust color balance by setting the pixel distribution for individual color channels. In Photoshop, you can also use the Curves dialog box to make these adjustments. For more information, see "Using Levels to adjust color (Photoshop)" on page 139 and "Using the Curves dialog box (Photoshop)" on page 139.

• (Photoshop) The technique of blending colors from different channels can also produce color adjustments. For more information, see "Mixing color channels (Photoshop)" on page 271.

9 (Photoshop) To best preserve the original detail in your image as you make color adjustments, convert the image to 16 bits per channel. (See "Converting between bit depths" on page 93.) When you finish making color adjustments, convert it back to an 8-bit-per-channel image.

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