About drawing and painting

When creating graphics on a computer, there is a distinction between painting and drawing. Painting involves changing the colors of pixels using a painting tool. You can apply colors gradually, with soft edges and transitions, and manipulate individual pixels using powerful filter effects. However, once you apply a brush stroke, there is no simple way to select the entire brush stroke and move it to a new location in the image.

Drawing, on the other hand, involves creating shapes that are defined as geometric objects (also called vector objects). For example, if you draw a circle using the ellipse tool, the circle is defined by a specific radius, location, and color. You can quickly select the entire circle and move it to a new location, or you can edit the outline of the circle to distort its shape. (See "About bitmap images and vector graphics" on page 61.)

Working with shapes provides several advantages:

• Shapes are object-oriented—you can quickly select, resize, and move a shape, and you can edit a shape's outline (called a path) and attributes (such as stroke, fill color, and style). You can use shapes to make selections and create libraries of custom shapes with the Preset Manager.

• Shapes are resolution-independent—they maintain crisp edges when resized, printed to a PostScript printer, saved in a PDF file, or imported into a vector-based graphics application.

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