About Web photo gallery styles

The Web photo gallery styles provided by Photoshop are stored in individual folders in the following location:

Windows Program Files/Adobe/Photoshop 7.0/Presets/WebContactSheet Mac OS Adobe Photoshop 7.0/Presets/WebContactSheet

The name of each folder in this location appears as an option in the Styles pop-up menu in the Web Photo Gallery dialog box. Each folder contains the following HTML template files, which Photoshop uses to generate the gallery:

Caption.htm Determines the layout of the caption that appears below each thumbnail on the home page.

FrameSet.htm Determines the layout of the frame set for displaying pages.

IndexPage.htm Determines the layout of the home page.

SubPage.htm Determines the layout of the gallery pages with full-size images.

Thumbnail.htm Determines the layout of the thumbnails that appear on the home page.

Each template file contains HTML code and tokens. A token is a text string that is replaced by Photoshop when you set its corresponding option in the Web Photo Gallery dialog box. For example, a template file may contain the following TITLE element that uses a token as its enclosed text:

When Photoshop generates the gallery using this template file, it replaces the token %TITLE% with the text that you entered for Site Name in the Web Photo Gallery dialog box.

To better understand an existing style, you can open and study its HTML template files using an HTML editor. Because only standard ASCII characters are required to create HTML documents, you can open, edit, and create these documents using a plain-text editor such as Notepad (Windows) or SimpleText (Mac OS).

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