Adding HTML text to a slice

Choosing the No Image type for a slice lets you enter text that will appear in the slice area of the resulting Web page. This text is HTML text—you can format it using standard HTML tags. You can also select vertical and horizontal alignment options. For more information on specific HTML tags, see an HTML reference (either printed or on the Web).

Photoshop and ImageReady do not display HTML text in the document window; you must use a Web browser to preview the text. (See "Previewing an image in a browser" on page 53.) Keep in mind that the appearance of text is affected by the browser settings and operating system it is viewed on. Be sure to preview HTML text in different browsers, with different browser settings, and on different operating systems to see how text will appear on the Web.

Note: Be careful not to enter more text than can be displayed in the slice area. If you enter too much text, it will extend into neighboring slices and affect the layout of your Web page.

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