Creating custom styles

You can create custom style using one or more of the following effects:

Drop Shadow Adds a shadow that falls behind the contents on the layer.

Inner Shadow Adds a shadow that falls just inside the edges of the layer's content, giving the layer a recessed appearance.

Outer Glow and Inner Glow Add glows that emanate from the outside or inside edges of the layer's content.

Bevel and Emboss Adds various combinations of highlights and shadows to a layer.

Satin Applies shading to the interior of a layer that reacts to the shape of the layer, typically creating a satiny finish.

Color, Gradient, and Pattern Overlay Fills the layer's content with a color, gradient, or pattern.

Stroke Outlines the object on the current layer using color, a gradient, or a pattern. It is particularly useful on hard-edged shapes such as type.

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