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You can customize an existing Web photo gallery style by editing one or more of its HTML template files. When customizing a style, you need to follow these guidelines so that Photoshop can generate the gallery correctly:

• The style folder must contain these files: Caption.htm, IndexPage.htm, SubPage.htm, Thumbnail.htm, and FrameSet.htm.

• You can rename the style folder but not the HTML template files in the folder.

• You can have an empty Caption.htm file, and place the HTML code and tokens determining the layout of the caption in the Thumbnail.htm file.

• You can replace a token in a template file with the appropriate text or HTML code, so that an option is set through the template file rather than through the Web Photo Gallery dialog box. For example, a template file may contain a BODY element with the following bgcolor attribute that uses a token as its value:


To set the background color of the page to red, you can replace the token %BGCOLOR% with "FF0000."

• You can add HTML code and tokens to the template files. All tokens must be in uppercase characters, and begin and end with the percent (%) symbol. For information on the tokens that you can use in the template files, see "Using tokens in Web photo gallery styles" on page 394.

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Digital Cameras For Beginners

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