Displaying file and image information

Information about the current file size and other features of the image is displayed at the bottom of the application window (Windows) or document window (Mac OS).

Note: In ImageReady, if the document window is wide enough, two image information boxes appear, enabling you to view two different information options for the image at the same time. For more information about original and optimized images, see "Viewing optimized images (ImageReady)"on page 418.

You can also view copyright and authorship information that has been added to the file. This information includes standard file information and Digimarc® watermarks. Photoshop automatically scans opened images for watermarks using the Digimarc Detect Watermark plug-in. If a watermark is detected, Photoshop displays a copyright symbol in the image window's title bar and updates the Copyright & URL section of the File Info dialog box.

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