Drawing curves with the pen tool

You create curves by dragging the pen tool in the direction you want the curve to go. Keep these guidelines in mind when drawing curves:

• Always drag the first direction point in the direction of the bump of the curve, and drag the second direction point in the opposite direction to create a single curve. Dragging both direction points in the same direction creates an "S" curve.

Drag in the opposite direction to create a smooth curve. Drag in the same direction to create an "S"curve.

• When drawing a series of smooth curves, draw one curve at a time, placing anchor points at the beginning and end of each curve, not at the tip of the curve. Use as few anchor points as possible, placing them as far apart as possible. This decreases the file size and reduces the potential for printing errors.

For more information on how paths are constructed, see "About anchor points, direction lines, direction points, and components" on page 210.

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