edge effects 323

edge sensitivity, lasso tool 161

edges smoothing 221 edges, smoothing 219 Eight Bits/Channel command 94 eight-bit color displays 91 ellipse tool 200 elliptical marquee tool 158 Embed Watermark command 461 embedding images. See OLE embedding profiles 116 Emboss filter 334

Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format. See EPS format

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EPS files opening 76 placing 80 saving 448, 449 EPS format, about 455 EPS PICT Preview format 455 EPS TIFF Preview format 455 Erase to History mode, eraser tool 223, 224 Erase to History option 37 eraser tool 37, 224 erasing about 223

fastening points 159 lasso segments 159 See also deleting Every-line Composer 362 Exclusion mode 243 Expand command 165 Export Cache command 80 Export Clipboard option 171 Export Original command 446,452 Export Transparent Image wizard 466 exporting duotones483 paths 468 transparency 466 exposure setting 243 external automation 500 Extract command 157,174 extracting objects about 174

cleaning up edges 176 previewing 175 Extras choosing from hidden Extras 47 showing and hiding 47 target path 212 turning on or off 47 See also names of individual Extras Extrude filter 334

eyedropper tool about 134, 141

copying hexadecimal color values with 439 selecting colors with 258 See also online Help

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