Editing layers in rollover states and animation frames

Some changes you make to layers affect only the active rollover state or animation frame, while others affect every state and frame in which the layers are included:

State and frame-specific changes Affect only the active animation frame or rollover state. By default, changes you make to layers using Layers palette commands and options—including layer opacity, blending mode, visibility, position, and style—are state and frame-specific. However, you can apply layer changes to all states in a rollover and all frames in an animation using the unify buttons in the Layers palette. (See "Unifying and matching layers rollovers and animations" on page 397.)

Important: Changes you make to layers in the Normal state or Frame 1—including layer opacity, blending mode, visibility, position, and style—affect all states or frames in which the layers are identical. For example, take a slice that has a Normal state, an Over state, and a Down state. If the layers in the Normal and Over states are identical, and you apply a layer style in the Normal state, the layer style will also be applied in the Over state. However, the Down state will not be affected.

Inclusive changes Affect every state and frame in which the layers are included. Changes you make to layer pixel values, using painting and editing tools, color and tone adjustment commands, filters, type, and other image-editing commands, are inclusive.

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