Generating a color table

You can change the palette—or set of colors—in the color table by selecting a color reduction option in the Optimize panel/palette. There are three categories of options:

• Dynamic options use a color reduction algorithm to build a palette based on the colors in the image and the number of colors specified in the optimization setting. The colors in the palette are regenerated every time you change or reoptimize the image. Perceptual, Selective, and Adaptive are dynamic options.

• Fixed options use a set palette of colors. In other words, the set of available colors is constant, but the actual colors in the palette will vary depending on the colors in the image. Web, Mac OS, Windows, Black & White, and Grayscale tables are fixed options.

• The Custom option uses a color palette that is created or modified by the user. If you open an existing GIF or PNG-8 file, it will have a custom color palette.

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