Guidelines for creating an ICC monitor profile

The following guidelines can help you create an accurate monitor profile.

9 You may find it helpful to have your monitor's user guide handy while creating an ICC monitor profile.

• You don't need to calibrate your monitor if you've already done so using an ICC-compliant calibration tool and haven't changed your video card or monitor settings.

• Make sure that you are using a standard desktop (CRT) monitor.

• If you have the Monitor Setup utility (included with PageMaker® 6.0) for Windows or the Knoll Gamma control panel (included with Adobe Photoshop 4.0 and earlier) for Mac OS, remove it; it is obsolete.

• Make sure your monitor has been turned on for at least a half hour. This gives it sufficient time to warm up for a more accurate color reading.

• Make sure your monitor is displaying thousands (16 bits) of colors or more.

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