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The gamut is the range of colors that a color system can display or print. A color that can be displayed in RGB or HSB models may be out-of-gamut, and therefore unprintable, for your CMYK setting. (See "Color gamuts (Photoshop)" on page 91.)

Photoshop automatically brings all colors into gamut when you convert an image to CMYK. But you might want to identify the out-of-gamut colors in an image or correct them manually before converting to CMYK.

In RGB mode, you can identify out-of-gamut colors in the following ways:

• In the Info palette, an exclamation point appears next to the CMYK values whenever you move the pointer over an out-of-gamut color.

• In both the color picker and the Color palette, an alert triangle appears and the closest CMYK equivalent is displayed whenever you select an out-of-gamut color. To select the CMYK equivalent, click the triangle or the color patch.

You can also quickly identify all out-of-gamut colors in an RGB image by using the Gamut Warning command.

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