Optimization options for JPEG format

JPEG is the standard format for compressing continuous-tone images such as photographs. Optimizing an image as a JPEG format relies on lossy compression, which selectively discards data. (See "About file formats" on page 453.)


Optimization panel for JPEG format:

A. File format menu B. Quality Level menu C. Optimize menu

Note: In ImageReady, you can control which options show in the Optimize palette by clicking the Show Options control ^ on the Optimize palette tab. To show all options, choose Show Options from the Optimize palette menu.

Quality Choose an option from the Quality Level menu, or specify a value in the Quality text box. The higher the Quality setting, the more detail the compression algorithm preserves. However, using a high Quality setting results in a larger file size than using a low Quality setting. View the optimized image at several quality settings to determine the best balance of quality and file size.

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