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The history brush tool lets you paint a copy of one state or snapshot of an image into the current image window. This tool makes a copy, or sample, of the image and then paints with it.

For example, you might make a snapshot of a change you made with a painting tool or filter. After undoing the change to the image, you could use the history brush tool to apply the change selectively to areas of the image. Unless you select a merged snapshot, the history brush tool paints from a layer in the selected state to the same layer in another state.

The history brush tool works similarly to the clone stamp tool, but on any state or snapshot of the image, not just the current one. (See "Cloning and repairing images" on page 188.) In Photoshop, you can also paint with the art history brush to create special effects. (See "Using the art history brush tool (Photoshop)" on page 226.)

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