Saving actions (Image Ready)

All actions you create are saved in the ImageReady Actions folder in the Adobe ImageReady 7.0 Settings folder. ImageReady can only access actions that reside in this folder. You add actions to ImageReady by dragging actions into the ImageReady Actions folder on your computer. Because ImageReady does not include a Load Actions command, you must add files to the ImageReady Actions folder manually.

Note: The default location of the Adobe ImageReady 7.0 Settings folder varies by operating system. Use your operating system's Find command to locate this folder.

You can remove actions from ImageReady by dragging the actions out of the ImageReady Actions folder or by using the Delete Action command in the Actions palette menu. Actions you remove by dragging can be saved in another folder. Actions you remove by deleting are removed permanently.

If you add or remove files from the ImageReady Actions palette, you can direct ImageReady to scan the Actions folder for changes and update the Actions palette. (ImageReady scans the Actions folder and updates the Actions palette whenever you launch the application.)

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