Selecting and moving objects



Repositions marquee while selecting*

Any marquee tool (except single column and single row) + drag

Adds to or subtracts from selection

Any selection tool + o or Alt + drag

Intersects a selection

Any selection tool + o + Alt + drag

Constrains marquee to square or circle (if no other selections are active)*

-t> + drag

Draws marquee from center (if no other selections are active)*

Alt + drag

Constrains shape and draws marquee from center*

+ Alt + drag


Ctrl (except when or any pen tool*, path*, shape tool*, slice, rectangle image map§, circle image map§, or polygon image map§ tool is selected)

Switches from f to *

Alt + drag

Switches from to *

Alt + click

Moves copy of selection

+ Alt + drag selection*

Moves selection area 1 pixel

Any selection + g g g g *

Moves selection 1 pixel

+ g g g g **

Moves layer 1 pixel when nothing selected on layer

Ctrl + g g g g *

Increases/decreases detection width*

+ [ or ]

Accepts cropping or exits cropping

i + Enter or Esc

Makes protractor *

# + Alt + drag end point

Snaps guide to ruler ticks

0 + drag guide

Toggles guide orientation

Alt + drag guide

'Hold down O to move 10 pixels *Applies to shape tools *Not in ImageReady §ImageReady only O Shift □ Key




Any painting tool + Alt (also any shape tool + Alt)

Selects background color

z + Alt + click

/ *

/ +

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Deletes > *

> + Alt + click

Sets opacity, tolerance, strength, or exposure for painting mode

Any painting or editing tool + number keys (e.g., 0 = 100%, 1 = 10%, 4 then 5 in quick succession = 45%) (For Airbrush, use <h + number keys)

Sets flow for painting mode

Any painting or editing tool + o+ number keys (e.g., 0 = 100%, 1 = 10%, 4 then 5 in quick succession = 45%) (For Airbrush, omit <h)

Cycles through blending modes

o+ g g

Fills selection/layer with foreground or background color

Alt + Backspace, or Ctrl + Backspace*

Fills from history*

Alt + Ctrl + Backspace*

Displays Fill dialog box

-t> + Backspace

Lock transparent pixels on/off


Connects points with a straight line

Any painting tool + ^ + click

'Hold down O to preserve transparency *Not in ImageReady -0- Shift □ Key




Moves type in image

Ctrl + drag type when Type layer is selected

Aligns left, center, or right*

I + + Ctrl + L, C, or R

Aligns top, center, or bottom*

I + O + Ctrl + L, C, or R

Selects 1 character left/right or 1 line down/up, or 1 word left/right

^+gggg,or<h + Ctrl + g g

Selects characters from insertion point to mouse click point

+ click

Moves 1 character left/right, 1 line down/ up, or 1 word left/right

BAD g, or Ctrl + g g

Designates new origin over existing type

-t> + click or click + drag

Selects word, line, paragraph, or story

Double-click, triple-click, quadruple-click, or quintuple-click

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Shows/Hides selection on selected type

Ctrl + H

Toggles Underlining on/off*

O + Ctrl + U

Toggles Strikethrough on/off*

& + Ctrl + /

Toggles All Uppercase on/off*

O + Ctrl + K

Toggles Small Caps on/off*

+ Ctrl + H

Toggles Superscript on/off*

O + Ctrl + +

Toggles Subscript on/off*

1> + Alt + Ctrl + +

Chooses 100% horizontal scale*

O + Ctrl + X

Chooses 100% vertical scale*

1> + Alt + Ctrl + X

Chooses Auto leading*

0 + Alt + Ctrl + A

Chooses 0 for tracking*

+ Ctrl + Q

Justifies paragraph, left aligns last line*

O + Ctrl + J

Justifies paragraph, forces last line*

+ Ctrl + F

Toggles paragraph hyphenation on/off*

O + Alt + Ctrl+ H

Toggles single/every-line composer on/ off*

1> + Alt + Ctrl +T

Decreases/increases type size of selected text 2 pts/px

0+ Ctrl + < >+

Decreases/increases leading 2 pts/px

Alt + 0 O"

Decreases/increases baseline shift 2 pts/ px

^ + Alt + 0 (FT

Decreases/increases kerning/tracking 20/ 1000 ems

Alt + q y«

Hold down Alt to decrease/increase 10x ttHold down Ctrl to decrease/increase 10x *Not in ImageReady O Shift □ Key

Path editing*



Selects multiple anchor points

> + + click

Selects entire path

> + Alt + click

Duplicates a path (works with any pen tool)

4 + Alt + Ctrl + drag

Switches from t i, + ■ - or i to >


Switches from t^ to when over path


Switches from > to i when pointer is over anchor point or direction point

Alt + Ctrl

Switches from i, or i, to i when pointer is over anchor or direction point


Closes path


Closes path with straight-line segment

£p + Alt + double-click

*Not in ImageReady o Shift □ Key

Slicing and Optimizing



Toggles browser dither for selected image pane in Optimized view8

+ Ctrl + Y

Toggles through gamma previews in selected image pane8

Alt + Ctrl + Y

Toggles through Optimized/ 2up/4up/ Original window8

Ctrl + Y

Toggles between slice tool and slice selection tool


Draws square slice

0 + drag

Draws from center outward

Alt + drag

Draws square slice from center outward

Alt + o + drag

Repositions slice while creating slice

Spacebar + drag

Opens context-sensitive menu

Right mouse button on slice

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Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

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