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You can set a variety of file saving options in the Save As dialog box. The availability of options depends on the image you are saving and the selected file format. For example, if an image doesn't contain multiple layers, or if the selected file format doesn't support layers, the Layers option is dimmed.

As a Copy Saves a copy of the file while keeping the current file open on your desktop.

Alpha Channels Saves alpha channel information with the image. Disabling this option removes the alpha channels from the saved image.

Layers Preserves all layers in the image. If this option is disabled or unavailable, all visible layers are flattened or merged (depending on the selected format).

Annotations Saves annotations with the image.

Spot Colors Saves spot channel information with the image. Disabling an option removes spot colors from the saved image.

Use Proof Setup, ICC Profile (Windows), or Embed Color Profile (Mac OS) Creates a color-managed document. (See "Embedding profiles in saved documents" on page 116.)

Thumbnail (Windows) Saves thumbnail data for the file. In order to select or deselect this option, you must choose Ask When Saving for the Image Previews option in the Preferences dialog box. For more information, see "Setting preferences for saving files (Photoshop)" on page 463.

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