Sketch filters

Filters in the Sketch submenu add texture to images, often for a 3D effect. The filters also are useful for creating a fine-arts or hand-drawn look. Many of the Sketch filters use the foreground and background color as they redraw the image.

Bas Relief Transforms an image to appear carved in low relief and lit to accent the surface variations. Dark areas of the image take on the foreground color, light colors use the background color.

Chalk & Charcoal Redraws an image's highlights and midtones with a solid midtone gray back-ground drawn in coarse chalk. Shadow areas are replaced with black diagonal charcoal lines. The charcoal is drawn in the foreground color, the chalk in background color.

Charcoal Redraws an image to create a posterized, smudged effect. Major edges are boldly drawn, while midtones are sketched using a diagonal stroke. Charcoal is the foreground color, and the paper is the background color.

Chrome Treats the image as if it were a polished chrome surface. Highlights are high points and shadows are low points in the reflecting surface. After applying the filter, use the Levels dialog box to add more contrast to the image.

Conte Crayon Replicates the texture of dense dark and pure white Conte crayons on an image. The Conte Crayon filter uses the foreground color for dark areas and the background color for light areas. For a truer effect, change the foreground color to one of the common Conte Crayon colors (black, sepia, sanguine) before applying the filter. For a muted effect, change the background color to white with some foreground color added to it before applying the filter. (See "Using texture and glass surface controls" on page 323.)

Graphic Pen Uses fine, linear ink strokes to capture the details in the original image and is especially striking with scanned images. The filter replaces color in the original image, using the foreground color for ink and background color for paper.

Halftone Pattern Simulates the effect of a halftone screen while maintaining the continuous range of tones.

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