Specifying dot gain

Dot gain or loss can occur when the specified printer's halftone dots change as the ink spreads and is absorbed by paper. As a general rule, you should not adjust the dot gain value until you have run a hard proof (which includes a calibration bar) and have measured the density values on the proof with a reflective densitometer. Adjust this value if your print shop has provided a different value for estimated dot gain.

The Custom CMYK dialog box gives you the following ways to specify a printer's dot gain:

• You can define a single dot gain value at the 50% level. This means that all four inks gain the same amount at 50%.

• You can set up to 13 values along the grayscale range to create a customized dot gain curve for one or more CMYK plates. Use this method if your proof has a significant color cast in its neutral gray values.

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