Specifying ink colors

The Ink Colors menu lets you choose from the following options:

• The preset ink options are designed to produce quality separations using standard inks and printing specifications. These ink standards differ slightly from one another. Similarly, the color and ink absorption qualities of the paper stock affect the final printed result. You can think of this information as telling Photoshop what printed cyan, magenta, yellow, and black look like given a certain set of inks and paper stock under your lighting conditions.

• The Custom option lets you customize the on-screen display of ink colors to match printed output by entering values obtained from a color proof. (See "Printing a hard proof" on page 127.) For example, you may want to use the Custom option to specify an ink set not listed as a preset option. When you change these settings, you change the profile that Photoshop uses to display the ink colors on-screen. See the following procedure for instructions on entering custom ink values.

• If you have loaded a CMYK profile or color settings file that has been saved outside the recommended location, the ink setting for that profile or settings file temporarily replaces the Other option in the Ink Colors menu.

Note: In most cases, printing ink characteristics do not vary greatly from printer to printer within the same printer type. For example, one Tektronix Phaser II printer prints ink hues very similar to another one. But the amount of dot gain can vary significantly. Thus, for a different printer of the same type, you may have to change the dot gain setting in the CMYK Setup dialog box but not the printing ink colors.

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Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

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